BR Series Coilover Kit (BR 11-14 Sonata)

BR Series Coilover Kit (BR 11-14 Sonata)

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BC Racing

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The BC Racing BR Series offers performance, comfort, build quality, vehicle height adjustment, and expert handling with their most affordable entry into coilover suspension. BC Racing takes a custom build approach to all of their coilover kits, ensuring you won't get an oversprung system like most others on the market. After extensive vehicle testing and suspension system refinement, BC Racing ensures the most well-balanced and affordable aftermarket suspension imaginable. A balance between comfort and performance is achieved with thorough spring rate testing and development. The BR Series offers 30-point dampening and rebound adjustment for a high degree of ride tuning. Carefully chosen damper valving, spring rates, and wide adjustment ranges ensure you won't go wrong with the BC Racing BR Series Coilover System.


  • Fully Rebuildable
  • 1-Year Warranty Against Manufacturers Defect
  • Custom Valving Or Valving Paired For Custom Spring Rates
  • Custom Spring Rates And Swift Springs Available
  • Rear Camber Plates Available For Applicable Kits
  • Front Camber Plates Standard On Applicable Kits
  • 30-Clicks Of Simultaneous Compression/Rebound Adjustment
  • Height Adjustment Independent Of Spring Compression
  • Linear Piston And Damping Curve
  • Mono-Tube Shock Design
  • Highly Customizable